Eyepiece Cameras

All the ISH and other C mount cameras can be converted into eyepiece cameras by the addition of an eyepiece adapter.

TS-TCN-0.5x or 0.35x eyepiece “C” mount adapter for 23.2mm eyepiece with adapter sleeves for 30 & 30.5mm.

You just screw into the C mount camera and slide into the eyepiece. This is suitable for all cameras whose CCD size is ½” to 1/3”.

All cameras can be ordered as a kit, which includes the TS-TCN-0.5x sleeves and calibration slide.

Simply order TS-ISH300PK  to order ISH300 camera with above Kit or TS-ISH500PK  for the 5 Mp camera system.

TCA camera fitted with TS-TCN 0.5x eyepiece adapter is ready for eyepiece tube or straight tube, adapters for 30mm, 30.5mm diameter eyepiece tubes. (i.e. most stereoscopic microscopes)

We also have a range of adjustable eyepiece adapters in a range of magnifications to suit your camera sensor size, please ask

SIOS has a range of Cameras suitable for eyepieces. Many by addition of appropriate coupling lens.


Eyepiece cameras often require a reduction lens in front of the sensor to bring the image onto the sensor to provide a field of view similar to what you view down the eyepiece.

Many cheaper eyepice cameras are 1/4″ or 1/3″ sensors and if no reduction lens in place you would only see 25 -30% of the image and this would be magnified.

SIOS has a NEW TP-SP series eyepiece camera with a quality reduction lens inbuilt (no hot-spots or image degradation at the edges), providing good field of view.

Available in 3MP or 5MP

Software is supplied for Windows 7,8,10 and Macintosh 10.7 and later

FOR Pricing see attached PDF

M100FLED with cam small

TP-SP on 100FLED monocular


SP cam with 0.5x

Download TP-SP brochure:TP-SP eyepiece camera 2018.pdf

Also see  http://www.sios.net.au/category/eyepice-camera-systems   for more types


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