TrueChrome 11 HDMI Colour Camera

TrueChrome 11 HDMI Colour Camera

This high speed HDMI with 1080P (1920x 1080) output at 60f/sec results in high quality output ideal for

Microscope slide application teaching and conferencing work. This means expensive multi-head microscope can be replaced with HD TV conference sessions. Images and avi movies can be recorded onto on board SD micro card and viewed later. Simultaneous USB2.0 output to computer for recoding can also be achieved.

When connected to Windows computer live text and measurements can be added to presentation.

 The use of USB MOUSE enables camera setting to be easily changed and allows the user to point out items of interest on screen

 TrueChrome 11





The camera allows imaging of low light microscopy such as Fluorescence, Polarization, Dark Field, etc.

FL small

Ideal for Surgery Microscope application

Surgery microscope




On microscope





Download brochure:TrueChrome 11 brochure.pdf

Also available with its own screen TrueChrome Retina :TrueChrome Retina.pdf


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