CMOS scientific grade


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DHYANA 400DC colour camera

The Dhyana 400DC, thanks to its sensitivity, perfect colour reproduction and impressive noise minimization, results in a new capability which has formerly been unavailable in the field of scientific imaging.

High Sensitivity Color sCMOS Sensor

 As a result of the breakthrough performance of the scientific grade color CMOS sensor, the Dhyana 400DC produces perfect images in very low light conditions, allowing for vastly reduced exposure times and corresponding high frame rates, whilst maintaining the richness of the image detail information.

1.8e-Read Noise

The read noise of the Dhyana 400DC is only 1.8 e-, just one-third of existing CCD or CMOS cameras in the market. This delivers truly extraordinary signal-to-noise ratio and consistent image quality whether in bright field or dark field.


Perfect 16bit color reproduction

Outstanding color, with unique user control
Inherited from the acclaimed TrueChrome series of cameras, the Dhyana 400DCs color processing is capable of a level of precision that imitates the color sensitivity of the human eye, producing extreme-high color definition. The 16 bit ADC guarantees the quality of image tone and detailed differences can be resolved so the monitor image is matched to the eyepiece view.
400DC Fl

For technical information please download brochure:Dhyana400DC .pdf






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CMOS Scientific grade

Discovery MH15 Monochrome scientific grade cameras:

The Discovery MH 15  is a high quality CMOS scientific camera that is capable of low light microscope imaging with exposure up to 5 seconds (M15). This range of cameras provide excellent Monochrome images.

The MH15 provides exceptional image quality and also long exposure
suitable for Fluorescence, Dark Field microscopy imaging at economical costs.

The ISCAPTURE software for Windows allows
the user to select quality of captured image.

ISListen Macintosh software  is available for 10.6 and later.




Discovery MH15 data sheet: Discovery MH15 camera.pdf


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