Eyepiece camera

Eyepiece Cameras

All the ISH and other C mount cameras can be converted into eyepiece cameras by the addition of an eyepiece adapter.

TS-TCN-0.5x or 0.35x eyepiece “C” mount adapter for 23.2mm eyepiece with adapter sleeves for 30 & 30.5mm.

You just screw into the C mount camera and slide into the eyepiece. This is suitable for all cameras whose CCD size is ½” to 1/3”.

All cameras can be ordered as a kit, which includes the TS-TCN-0.5x sleeves and calibration slide.

Simply order TS-ISH300PK  to order ISH300 camera with above Kit or TS-ISH500PK  for the 5 Mp camera system.

TCA camera fitted with TS-TCN 0.5x eyepiece adapter is ready for eyepiece tube or straight tube, adapters for 30mm, 30.5mm diameter eyepiece tubes. (i.e. most stereoscopic microscopes)

We also have a range of adjustable eyepiece adapters in a range of magnifications to suit your camera sensor size, please ask

Also see  http://www.sios.net.au/category/eyepice-camera-systems   for more types


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