Cameras WiFi


TP-XFCAM1080PHD is both simultaneously a HDMI and a WiFi camera.



Users can connect at least 3x  WiFi devices of  either Windows, Mac, Android to view the microscope image at full 1080P (1920 x 1080)

and capture the image or movie, at the same time view on HDMI screen.

Ideal for demonstration and teaching application.

Supplied with USB Wifi transmitter. When using the USB mouse in HDMI mode, measurements, auto Focus function etc can be used.

For more info download brochure:TP-XFCAM1080PHD HDMI with Wifi and auto focus.pdf


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UNIVIEW 1080P Camera System

B300 system


IPC542-DU cam






UniView Wifi  System for Classrooms.

This IP system allows the instructor to look at individual microscopes in a class situation and to display on large HDMI screens, or to network by using WiFi to the whole classroom.

Full 1080P and 4K HD camera can be mounted on microscopes or with power zoom lenses mounted overhead, or on a stand, for macro work.

This is a very economical way of providing quality microscope pictures to your class room.

The system can be setup in several ways.

1. With College internet: from Instructors microscopes

When connected to the internet via cloud server images can be seen live across the web. Frame rates of 15 to 25 F/sec are achieved ( bandwidth dependent). 40+ students can view live images on their tablets etc.

Audio may also be transmitted with audio input/output on camera or NVR controller.

With on-board Hard Disc in the DVR you can save images and movies, then display or copy to memory via USB3.0 port.

This makes an ideal teachers tool that overcomes for lower resolution of data projectors or having to darken the room. Students and download images and include in their report.

You may have two or more cameras mounted on  microscopes and switch between them or display 2 or more simultaneously.

2.. With WiFi router:

This is ideal for classroom with no internet access. When equipped with Wi-Fi router all the students can see the image on Pads, Phones (Android, Apple) and save the image or movies. Range approx 20metres. For computers and Pads just log onto a unique webpage. e.g. http//192.168.x.x or Uniview Cloud webpage.

When equipped with Wifi transmitter all the class can see the image on Pads, Phones (Android, Apple) and save the images and movies.

When connected to local stand alone WiFi Range approx 20 meters. Then students with computers and Pads just log onto a unique webpage to view live images.This makes an ideal teachers tool that overcomes for lower resolution of data projectors or having to darken the room, students can add images to reports.

3.Set up cameras on students microscopes and IP cable them to NVR control box:

This allows the instructor to look at any of the student microscopes, display and Wifi these if required.

The system can have 64 cameras via a central controller and each camera selected for individual display. HDMI output from control box allows user to see live images 25f/sec.

4. Cameras may be Ip direct into computers.

Laptop pad phone wifi

 In most cases the 2K 1080P other excellent results , however the 4K system can be used for macro and other microscopy.

Please click on the 4K Uniview image. Note I have reduced size and image quality to up load

Uniview 4K PL10x obj

Uniview 4K PL10x obj

 Please contact us for your requirements so we can suggest a system for your imaging requirements.

Download Unview brochure:UniView Wifi System for Classrooms .pdf


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Cameras WiFi

SIOS have a range of Wifi cameras either from Cell Pad E and Scope Pad or C mount Wifi 1080P cameras




W Cam on mic

The WiFi Cam is a C mount digital camera that can be attached to eyepieces via adapter or microscope C mounts. The camera will work as an AP (access point) and users can access the cameras by WiFi connection via WIFI -enabled devices, such as smart phones, pads, laptops or computers. Apps on on various platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows.

The camera has dedicated on board DSP for colour rendering.

Users by software can control exposure , white balance and basic camera functions.

  • C mount camera attaches to microscope or with appropriate eyepiece adapter to eyepieces of microscopes 23,30mm, telescopes and spotting scopes.
  • SENDS h.264 encodec high resolution images from microscope to WiFi enabled smart phones, tablets and computers with iOS, android, and Windows operating systems.

Models available WCAM 1080PA and WCAM 720PA

Download Technical information:

WCAM 1080 brochure

WCAM720P Brochure


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