Microscope 3D

3D ZOOM Microscope system

The Zoom Tube 3D Scope:

This Microscope system is available with various camera formats such as; Video , USB, ScopePad (both Win7 or Android) type cameras.

Motorized and manual 360 degree rotating prism systems, provide the viewer to look at the object from different various angles, without touching the specimen.

Depending on camera selected stills, movies, etc. can be taken or live viewing on screen for inspection purposes.




3D manual system with Scope Pad camera



Moving the prism allows you to view normally (from above) or at an angle of 35 deg full 360 deg rotation.


This makes it ideal for viewing circuit boards, insects etc.


Sample video of ant showing different views with stationery sample:ANT 3D video

Please contact us for more information and quotation for the system you require.

3D motorized system :

Please down load pdf: 3DM Digital Motorized Microscope.pdf


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