Microscopes with Camera Systems

Microscopes with 5MP eyepiece Camera

SIOS has a range of microscopes with 5MP eyepiece Cameras USB that are inexpensive and ideal for teaching or home type use.

The Windows based software has image analysis and controls the camera for still and movie capture.

B200-M eye small

B200M with Eyepiece Camera












Please download our price list:Microscope Systems with 5Mp eyepiece camera.pdf



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Hand Held USB microscopes

We have a range of hand held type USB microscopes please see section USB Hand Held Microscopes

Go to http://www.sios.net.au/category/usb-hand-held-microscopes


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BK5000-ISH Series


BK 5000T-ISH

The BK 5000 T series is an Infinity Plan Achromat Trinocular Microscope with 80/20 beam splitter.

Note: Trinocular  100/100 beam splitter available on request.

  • Illumination variable 3W LED (=25W Halogen approx)
  • Co-axial mechanical dual layer stage.
  • Co-axial course and fine focusing.
  • Abbe Condenser with diaphragm, centreable.
  • Eyepieces WF10x (FN20)


  • Plan Achromat Infinity type providing flat field for in focus observation.
  • Plan Achromat 4x,Plan Achromat 10x,Plan Achromat 20x,Plan Achromat 40x, SL
  • Plan Achromat 100x (oil) SL
  • 5-position objective turret holder


  • C mount 0.5x with parfocal adjustment (to suit Tucsen cameras)
  • C mount 1x
  • Dark Field and Polarization inserts
  • Phase contrast Kits
Microscope Camera Coupler
BK5000T Nil Nil
BK5000T-ISH300 ISH300 (2048×1536) BK-CTV0.5x
BK5000T-ISH500 ISH500 (2592×1944) BK-CTV0.5x
BK5000T-ISH1000 ISH1000 (3856×2764) BK-CTV0.5x

Please contact us for quotation.


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SMZ0745T-2L-ISH Series

This is a quality Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope System with Digital USB 2.0 camera mounted on par focal adjustable C mount to make an ideal instrument for teaching and research.

Other configurations and stands available.

SMZ0745 specifications:
WF10x eyepieces
Zoom ratio 0.7x-4.5x (7.0 to 45x)
Working distance 100mm
Illumination 5W LED (very bright)Incident and transmitted independently variable. (High illumination little heat)


This system screws together and is transportable as a unit.

Download brocure:SMZ0745T-ISH systems brochure.pdf

SMZ0745T-2L-ISH300 SMZ with ISH 3.0 (2048 x1536)
SMZ0745T-2L-ISH500 SMZ with ISH 5.0 (2592 x1944)

Other cameras available

Cameras supplied with software for Windows and Macintosh.


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Digital Microscope GE-5

This NEW 1.3 mega pixel (1280 x 1024) Digital Microscope wit

See Specials only $95.00 ex GST only suitable for Windows Xp, Vista and Win 7  32bit

  • Inbuilt LED illumination top and bottom switchable in software.
  • Features a laser (software switchable) to locate your object.
  • USB2.0 fast transfer of live images 16f/sec at full resolution.
  • Software compatible Windows: 2000,XP, Vista.
  • Capture still images Bmp or Jpg Movies in avi format
  • Length measuring and annotation software provided.
  • Time Lapse capture available.
  • Removable head (with LED) for remote imaging.
  • Removable slide holder.
  • All powered via USB connector



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BK1000 & ISH Camera Systems

  • BK1000TR Trinocular Microscope with Semi-Plan Achromat Infinity Objectives.
  • Binocular or Trinocular Head inclined at 30 deg Beam splitter 50/50
  • Eyepieces WF10x(20mm)
  • Semi-Plan Achromat Objectives Infinity type
  • PL4x, PL10x, PL40x, PL100x(oil)
  • Nosepiece reversed 4 positions.
  • Co-Axial course and fine focusing knobs
  • Co-Axial Mechanical Stage with specimen holder
  • Condenser Abbe 1.25 with iris diaphragm adjustable.
  • Illumination variable 3W LED (=25 W halogen approx)
  • Blue filter, rear carry handle.

This is an ideal strongly built microscope ideal for Veterinary and Teaching application

Microscope Camera Coupler
BK1000B Binocular Nil Nil
BK1000T Trinocular Nil Nil
BK1000T-ISH300 ISH300(2048×1536) BK1000-CTV 0.45x
BK1000T-ISH500 ISH500(2592×1944) BK1000-CTV 0.45x

ISCapture Software for Windows And ISListen for Macintosh.


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