Microscope Warm Stages



M-TCS-1 heated stage

The M-TCS-1 Warm stage is an inexpensive stage ideal for most microscopes for Biological specimens in order to keep a desired temperature constant for the specimen.

It can be fitted to both compound and stereoscopic microscope (with the addition of rubber feet).


1.  Specification

  •   Input: 110V/60HZ or 240V/50HZ, AC
  •  Power:  50W
  •  Temperature controlling range: 50C(> room temperature) to 50C
  •   Temperature setting division: 1C
  •  Temperature displaying division: 0.1C
  •   Various between setting and displaying temperature: <+/-1C
  •  Various between actual stage temperature and displaying temperature: <+/-1C


2.  Standard outfit

  •  Temperature Controller: 2 LED digital display screens and two touching buttons for adjusting temperature, ON/OFF switch at the rear
  • Temperature controlled stage: built-in heater and heat sensor with the size of 150mm x 130mm x 5.8mm
  •   Electric cord: 1pc
  •   Adhesive tape:  1 roll
  •  Spare fuse: 2 pcs


M-TCS-1 Warm Stage for microscopes


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Microscope Warm Stages

Scientific Instruments can supply your microscope with a warm stage for embryo work.

Please contact us for pricing and more information.

BK5000 T Phase with LEC warm stage










The LEC 916 stage controller has an independent warm stage on top of the controller to keep your samples at the correct temperature before viewing your sample.





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