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BDS 400 Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope

BDS 400The BDS 400 is a NEW Inverted microscope with elegant design and featuring Wide Field eyepieces with FN 23.

Ideal for Tissue Culture work at an economical price.

The unit comes standard with Mechanical stage and large diameter quintuplet nosepiece.

Trinocular head with 100/0 or 80/20 split to allow you to add C mount Cameras

Please download pdf for more technical information: BDS400 Inverted Microscope.pdf


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BDS300 series

The inverted INV 300 microscope is available in both Relief Phase Contrast or Bright field.

Illumination is variable 6V 30W with a low form co-axial mechanical stage as standard equipment. See list for INV300 and INV300PH standard configuration.

Relief Phase Contrast  provides crisp 3D relief effect with high contrast sharpness and improved depth of focus.






 Ordinary Phase Contrast                                                                                                                                             Relief Phase Contrast Observe

Relief Phase Contrast Unit makes 3D type image with contrast and greater depth of focus

Rotatable Relief Phase Contrast Condenser                     Slide Relief Phase Contrast Condenser

Special Price $1,900.00 ex GST 1 unit in stock

For More information please contact us and download brochure : BDS300 Series Inverted Microscope.pdf


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INV200 series

The INV200 series Inverted microscope are cost effective microscopes offering quality long working distance Phase Contrast for your specimens. Flat stage is fitted as standard

Coaxial coarse and fine focusing and variable halogen illumination.

Trinocular heads are standard for fitting of cameras if required.

Mechanical stages with low form x-y adjustments for 96 well plates are an accessory.

Download brochure on INV200 inverted microscope:INV200 Inverted Microscope pdf


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