Orienteering Equipment

Orienteering and Outdoor Education

Explore the wonderful world of nature and get close to it. Orienteering is a program of outdoor education using map and compass. Map and compass skills can be further enjoyed through competitive Orienteering.


Control Marker-Official Size 30cm x 30cm

International colours, weatherproof colours


Control Marker-School 15x15cm

Restricted area size. Ideal for schoolgrounds or parklands.


A sheet of 30 small adhesive peel-off markers. 50mm x 40mm. Ideal for schoolgrounds.


Plastic Tree Marker 10cm x 10cm

Long lasting 2D PVC markers for fixing on trees, fences etc and for use as markers on permanent course.


Control Punches, sets available in Set A and B. International standard pin punches.

Ten different  codes per set of 10 punches. Packed in sets of 10


Control Cards, special 2 section competition cards.

100 cards per pack.


Large 36 x 25cm Compass white base plate


Class Instruction Compass

15 x 23cm, clear for overhead projector.

ORIENTEERING Books and Manuals

SO-BK3 – Your Way Map & Compass Student Manual.

Classic publication that has been a great success in Australian Schools for many years. Used for Primary & Secondary levels.

Includes numerous games and exercises and colour topographic map

SO-BK6 – Elementary Orienteering Instructors Handbook.

Book has been written for the Australian Level O Orienteering Coaching Course and approved by the Orienteering Federation of Australia as the official text for the Level O Course.

A 12 session program with step-by-step preparation guideline for the Teacher.

SO-LP1 –Lesson Plans – Orienteering.

A compilation of over 60 lesson plans, games and exercises  for enhancing the teaching and reinforcement of orienteering in both Primary & Secondary schools.

SO-LP2 Lesson Plans – Maps & Navigation.

A successfully proven 37 week series of lesson plans for the teaching of easy navigation at Primary school level. Detailed step-by-step procedures, fully

SO-LP3 – It’s Easy to Find your Way.

A short guide of 30 lesson plans for Primary School Teachers wishing to introduce their class to simple and enjoyable adventure navigation exercises.


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Silva Orienteering Compasses

Specialised Orienteering Compasses are synonymous with needle stability, speed and ease of use.


The classical NORCOMPASS with the SPECTRA System. With a straight and wide needle for easy and fast reading. Strong magnet gives quick dampening. Clear baseplate for easy reading of the map. Easy to read markings on baseplate. Elastic thumb strap and rubber pad for safe grip.

P/No. 34517


The optimal thumb compass for Orienteers. Now also available in a right hand version. (35832)

Fast dampening of the needle towards North and extremely stable when running.

P/No. 35677 LH

P/No. 35832 RH


The classic NORCOMPASS. With a straight and wide needle for easy and fast reading. Strong magnet gives quick dampening.

P/No. 34577

5 JET Baseplate style

Specially constructed capsule with the focus on quick dampening in combination with stability when running.

Clear baseplate with wide fluorescent needle for easy and fast reading.

P/ No. 35656



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