Software Updates

Software Updates

Software updates for Tucsen and other cameras.

Please e-mail us with model number and if possible serial number and we will forward instructions for you to download the latest program TsView and camera drivers.

Tucsen software TSView is currently V7.1.1.2

This will run TCA1.31, TCA3.0, TCA 5, TCA9.0, TCA10, TCC3.3  etc.

Note: Tucsen cameras will run on Windows 7  32 & 64 bit versions

Earlier version of TCA1.3 with ½” CMOS you must use Version
6 may not run on Win 7 64 bit. (see solution below)

Early type cameras with only Windows Xp software and drivers:

Note if you have upgraded to Win 7 64 bit and your old camera drivers etc will not load then you should
download and install Virtual PC (this is a version of XP with USB communication).
Open the virtual PC software from programs and load your software as under XP.
Your camera should now run seamlessly in your Windows 7 (Note: does not work with Windows7 Home Addition)

see Microsoft webb site for more information



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