Clocks and Barometrs Marine

Please see Heading for Clocks and Barometers Marine for special prices of remaining stock.

Solid Brass cases, Barometer movements French, Clock movement Japanese.





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The MAC500  This handy 5 MP USB microscope see under “USB Microscopes Hand Held” has been reduced

to $85.00 ex GST

Comes complete with Windows software.

Please contact us for more details










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THOMMEN Altimeters

THOMMEN Altimeter

Swiss made have been regarded as one of the best available for many years.

Scientific Instruments represented Thommen and have some stock left at special prices. Please download pdf for these specials


Download Thommen Specials: THOMMEN Altimeters pdf


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GE-5 Digital Microscope

The GE-5 offers excellent optical resolution and due to stocks we are selling at a special price.

The units are for Windows Vista , XP and win 7 32bit however will run on Win 7 /64 bit via virtual PC (supplied with Win 7 or download from Microsoft Note NOT win)

once loaded it runs seamlessly within Windows.

Special Price $220.00 ex GST.












For more details check our heading Microscopes with cameras


Product type


Name of product

Digital Microscope

Image sensor

Professional 1/2″ industry grade 1.30M pixel CMOS image sensor

Pixel size

5.2 µm × 5.2 µm

Spectrum response

400 nm-1000nm


1 Lux

Scanning Type

Progressive Scanning (line by line)


Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS)



Transmission Rate

16f/s @1280×1024 30f/s@640×480

White balance

Automatic / Manual Operations Supported

Exposal Control

Automatic / Manual Operations Supported

Image output

USB 2.0,480Mb/s

Power supply

USB 2.0 Power Supply, 800 mA

Dynamic range


Programmable Control

Sizes, quality, luminance, gain, exposal time, contrast, saturation, resolution and Gamma of image

Illumination control

Precise Laser locating, and the upper and lower LED illumination grade control

Work Temperature



60 X and 180X


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Solar Panels Brunton

Brunton Solar Specials

We have for sale a range of folding, rollup and fixed solar panels at very special prices, while stocks last
please download our price list.


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Specials Microscopes

We have in stock microscopes and other equipment, we no longer require please find information and prices below.
BM6-DIGIT 1.3 Mega Pixel Trinocular Microscope with built in Camera     with 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil immersion)

WF10X Eyepiece

Course and fine focusing co-axial

Mechanical Stage with co-axial drive

Abbe Condenser 1.25na with Iris Diaphragm

Adjustable 6V 20watt halogen illumination

Blue, Yellow & Green filter

1.3 mega Pixel 1280 x1024 image size

Requires: USB2.0 and Windows XP win 7 & 8 software. Acquisition software for Stills (bmp & jpeg),Movies AVI and Twain capture driver included.

Manual Image Analysis for length, area, angles and calibration slide is provided.

BM6-Digit 1.3MPex Demo microscope (hardly used)  $620.00 ex GST

Download spec sheet:BM6-Digit 1.3MP.pdf

 BM6-Digit 3.0 cover
Small microscope with horseshoe base
illumination by mirror
Eyepiece W10x
Objectives 4x ,10x, 40x
ideal for children (not a toy) metal witth glass optics
Price $50.00ex gst
Meopta DD37BN Binocular Microscope comes complete in a wooden case.
Eyepieces:WF 10x
Objectives: 4x /0.12
10x /0.25
40x/0.65 sprung loaded
100x/1.25 oil immersionsprung loaded
Illumination:Attachable 12V 15W with transformer and Mirror
Mechanical Stage: Co-axial
Condenser:NA 1.25 with swing out lens and filter holder
Nosepiece: position.
Filters:Blue and frosted white
Price: $190.00 + GST or offer with standard transformer
MD35USB eyepiece camera

Capture live
images with the rate of 30fps@640*480 Easy to view, edit, save images and more
Built-in 10X eyepiece
Suitable for any microscope with 23mm or 30mm eyetube
SPECIFICATIONS 640 x 480 USB 2.0 with software for Windows XP,Vista &Win7 32bit it may be possible to use with Win7 64 bit when usingVirtual PC.
Price:  $50.00 +GST
This is a PAL (suitable for Australia) video camera
Supplied with plugpack transformer just plug into your TV to watch images from your microscope.
It has push button white balance.
supplied with 30mm eyepiece adapter
Price $60.00+GST

XP-201 Pol trinocular Microscope

Special price $650.00 ex GST

Brochure download:XP-201P-T Pol Mic.pdf


































This quality Inverted Microscope is designed for viewing of metallurgical specimens, etc in bright field. Photo tube provided.

Illumination is Halogen 6V 30W variable by base mounted rheostat.

Polarizer and analyzer provided.

Stand is of full metal construction with coarse and fine co-axial knobs, with limit of travel setting.

Specimen Table is 180 x 155 mm fitted with specimen clamps. The co-axial drive mechanism has a travel of 75mm x 50mm.

The table is fitted with specimen clamps.

Eyepieces: WF 10x (18) pair plus WF10x with micrometer
Objectives: PL 10x/0.25 [ note: PL= Plan Achromat ]
PL 20x/ 0.35
PL 40x / 0.65
SPL HI 100x / 1.2 oil immersion

SPECIAL PRICE $1,200.00 ex GST




Polarising Trinocular Microscope with Al carry case








This Polarizing Trinocular Microscope comes with padded Aluminium carry case.


Features variable 6V 20W illumination

Objectives M10x,M20x,M40x.

Eyepieces WF10x and WF15x pairs. Cross hair eyepiece and measuring eyepiece.

Lambda/4 plate

PRICE  $450.00 ex GST

Note small circular stage plate missing see red arrow.









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