Dissecting Equipment

Scientific Instrument & Optical Sales offers a full line of surgical instruments.

You will find dissecting tools appropriate for all levels of education – junior and senior high, college, and graduate school students – and ideal for public and private schools and even homeschooling families.

Prices available on request

Dissecting Equipment Sale

SALE LESS 20% off all stocked items from Timesco and Khalid of ward quality instruments.

For discount to apply, orders must be over $100.00 ex GST in value

Many more items and variations than featured below.

Please email with your requirements and instrument dimensions and we will forward quotation.



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Needle Holders

Microfine and general Needle holders available

KSC-75-1 Needle Holder Castroviejo, Micro, Straight, Round Handle, Tungsten Carbide Tip
KSC-75-2 Needle Holder Castroviejo, Micro, Straight, 14cm Tungsten Carbide Tip
KSC-75-3 Needle Holder Castroviejo, Straight, with Lock, 14cm
K25-130 Mayo Hegar Needle Holder, 14cm
K25-280 – Mathieu Needle Holder 11c


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Scalpel Handles & Scalpel Blades

Scalpel Handles

Available in stainless steel for suit all scalpel blades, along with full range of scalpel blades to suit all handles. No3 & 7 handles use blades from  6-17 & No4 handle from 20-26

No. 4 Handle
No. 3 Handle
No.7 Handle

Scalpel Blades

Blades are sold by the box of 100

Our Dissection Kit tools are suitable for studies in zoology, botany, and biology. These quality yet affordable dissecting instruments are designed to improve students’ learning and dissection experience.\

Dissecting Kit:

We offer a full range of instruments for any requirements of student dissecting kits. In addition, we offer the basic kit pictured here.

Kit contains:

  • Zipper wallet
  • 5” Probe/Sharp Scissor
  • 4” Fine Scissor
  • 5” Blunt Forcep
  • 4 ½” Fine Forcep
  • Scalpel Handle #3 & #4
  • Probe, Seek & Needle
  • 6 Scalpel Blades



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Artery Forceps & Tissue Forceps

Available in various models, lengths, serration or rat-tooth

K17-120  Hartman Mosquito Forcep, 10cm
K17-142  Halstead Mosquito Forcep 12.5cm
K17-260 Rochester Pean Forcep 12.5cm
K17-405 Rochester Ochsner 25cm curved Forcep
K51-190 Allis Tissue Forcep 4:5 teeth


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General Dressing Scissors

This is just a selection of some scissors that Scientific Instruments have available. Please contact us with your requirements

Please ask aboy various lengths of the same design.

K13-110 13cm Dressing Scissor Sh/Bl Str.

K13-112 14cm Dressing Scissor Sh/Bl Str.
K13-114 15cm Dressing Scissor Sh/Bl Str.
K13-116 17.5cm Dressing Scissor Sh/Bl Str.
K13-118 20cm Dressing Scissor Sh/Bl Str.

K13-140 13cm Dressing Scissor . Sh/Bl. Cvd

K13-144 15cm Dressing Scissor . Sh/Bl. Cvd

K13-146 17.5cm Dressing Scissor . Sh/Bl. Cvd

K13-182 Mayo Scissor, 15cm Str

Various lengths available

K13-240 Metzenbaum-Nelson, 18cm Str
K13-540 Strabismus Eye Sciss.11.5, Str
K13-482 Sims Uterine Scissor, 20cm Blunt/Blunt



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Ophthalmic Iris Scissors

Stainless steel, various models available

KSC/219 Micro Scissor, 8cm sharp /sharp
K37-960 Castroviejo Scissor, 10cm Cvd
KSC/606 Castroviejo Micro Scissor , Curved, 10.5cm
KSC/V/110 VANNAS Scissors 8cm, Str, with Tungsten Carbide tip
K37-950 Wecker Iris Scissor, 11cm
K37-940 Noyes Scissors 12cm Straight
KSC-8910 Iris Scissor with Gold, 11cm, Curved           
KSC-602 Tanotomy Scissor, 11.5cm, Straight with Tungsten Carbide Tip
K13-530 Iris Scissor, 11cm Straight


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General Dissecting & Sponge Holding Forceps

Various models, lengths, serrated, rat tooth type available. All stainless steel

K15-120 Thumb Forcep, 11.5cm
K15-140 Tissue Forcep, 1:2, 11.5cm
K15-300 Adson Forceps, 12cm
K15-230 Cushing Forcep 17.5cm Straight
K19-1000 Ballenger, serrated,18cm Straight


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Iris Microfine Forceps

A variety for Iris forceps available in sizes, rat tooth or serrated edge.

K37-611Graefe Iris Forcep 10cm, curved
K37-610 Graefe Iris Forcep 10cm, Straight
K37-642 Bishop Harman 1:2 Rat tooth
KSC-210 Graefe Iris Forcep 10.5cm
K15-350 Semken Forcep, 1:2, 12.5cm


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Bone Cutting Forceps & Ronguers

Luer Bone Ronguer,

K29-520 17cm, straight

Luer Bone Ronguer

K29-522 17cm, curved

Lempert Bone Ronguer

K29-530  19cm

Stille-Liston Bone Ronguer

K29-550 24cm

Hartman Bone Ronguer

K29-570  18.5cm. curved

Liston Bone Cutter

K29-600 -14cm, Straight

K29-602 -17cm, Straight

K29-604 -19cm, Straight

K29-606 -22cm, Straight

K29-610 -14cm, Angled

K29-612 -17cm, Angled

K29-616 –22cm, Angled

Bone Ronguer

SA-9966 Liston-Key 27cm

K29-602 – Liston Bone Forcep 17cm, Straight
K29-630 Stille-Liston Bone Cutter 27cm


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Tissue Forceps – Rat Tooth Style

Tissue Forceps 1:2 Rat Tooth

K15-140  11.5cm

K15-142  14cm

K15-143  16cm

K15-144  18cm

K15-145  20cm

K15-146  25cm

Tissue Forcep 2:3 Rat Tooth

15-150  12.5cm

15-152  14cm

15-154  16cm

15-156  18cm

15-158  20cm

Tissue Forcep 3:4 Rat Tooth

15-162 14cm

15-164  16cm

Tissue Forcep 4:5 Rat Tooth

15-174  16cm

Brophy 1:2 Rat Tooth

15-240  20cm  Straight     15-250 20cm, Curved

Potts-Smith 1:2 Rat Tooth

15-264  25cm, Straight

Cushing 1:2 Rat Tooth

15-280  17.5cm Straight   15-290 17.5cm,  Curved

Semken 1:2 Rat Tooth

15-350  12.5cm

Adson 1:2 Rat Tooth

15-330  12cm

Gillis 1:2 Rat Tooth

15-340  15cm

Forcep Bonney 2:3 Rat Tooth

15-400  18cm

Lane 1:2 Rat Tooth

15-410  12.5cm

15-414  18cm

Allis Tissue Forcep

51-190  15cm 4:5 Rat Tooth

51-200  15cm 4:5 Rat Tooth

51-202  15cm 5:6 Rat Tooth

51-210  20cm 5:6 Rat Tooh


K51-242  20cm


K51-302  18cm


K51-390  25cm


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Towel Clamps

Lane Towel Clamp

K17-442  15cm

Backhaus Towel Clamp

K17-900 8cm

Backhaus Towel Clamp

K17-910 8cm

K19-914  13cm

Backhaus-Roeder Towel Clamp

K17-922 15cm

Schaedel Towel Clamp

K17-970  9cm

Jones Towel Clamp

K17-980  9cm

Diffenbach Clamp

K17-990 4cm


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Weitlaner Retractor

K21-400  10.5cm  Sharp  2:3

Weitlaner Retractor

K21-410  10.5cm  Sharp 2:3

K21-412  10.5cm  Blunt 2:3

Weitlaner Retractor

K21-420  13cm  Sharp 2:3

K21-422  16.5cm Sharp 2:3

K21-424  13cm  Blunt 2:3

K21-426  16cm  Blunt 2:3

West  Retractor

K21-430  13cm Blunt

Mayo-Adams retractor

K29-460 without blade


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Dumont list

Original DUMONT forceps are recognized the world over for their exceptional quality and durability.

0302-SS-140-CO Very fine, very long and narrow, epoxy covered 140mm, stainless steel
0102-P-PO Strong, ordinary points 120mm stainless steel polished. Matt finish available. Ask for prices
0102-2-PO Strong fine long points 120mm stainless steel, polished
0109-2-PO **Dumostar** polished, 120mm
0102-2A-PO Flat round points 120mm stainless steel
0102-3-PO Fine for hairsprings 120mm stainless steel
0103-3-PO 120mm Dumoxel
0103-3C-PO 110mm Dumoxel, fine points, short
0109-3-PO **Dumostar** polished
0109-3C-PO **Dumostar** polished
0102-4-PO Superfine points 110mm stainless steel, polished
0103-4-PO 110mm Dumoxel
0109-4-PO **Dumostar** polished or matt finish
0108-5-PO Superfine for hairsprings, thinner waist than the 0102-4-PO, 110mm stainless steel
0103-5-PO 110mm Dumoxel
0109-5-PO **Dumostar** polished
0102-5/45-PO Fine points, perfect finish, bent at 45° 109mm stainless steel
0102-6-PO Sharp hooked points
0102-7-PO Curved points, fine 115mm stainless steel
0103-7-PO 115mm Dumoxel
0109-7-PO **Dumostar** polished or matt finish
0102-7A-PO Curved points, strong 115mm stainless steel, polished
0103-7A-PO 115mm Dumoxel


0102-N4-PO Superfine points, negative 108mm stainless steel, polished
0102-N7-PO Superfine curved points, negative 115mm stainless steel, polished


0202-N5AC-PO/PS No. 5 Superfine points. Self closing, 108mm stainless steel
0202-N7AC-PO/PS No. 7 Fine curved points, Self closing, 115mm stainless steel
0209-3-PO Polished – matt finish is available
0209-3C-PO Polished – matt finish is available
0209-4-PO Polished – matt finish is available
0209-5-po Polished – matt finish is available
0209-55-PO Polished – matt finish is available
0209-7-PO Polished – matt finish is available


0302-2-CO Strong fine long points, 120mm blue epoxy covered, stainless steel
0302-2A-CO Flat round points, 120mm blue epoxy covered, stainless steel
0304-2-CO Strong fine long points 120mm green epoxy covered, non-magnetic
0304-2A-CO Flat round points, 120mm green epoxy covered, non magnetic


Three grades of stainless steel are used to manufacture Dumont tweezers:

  • “Dumoxel” is non-magnetic and strongly anti-corrosive. It is softer than Inox.
  • “Inox” are made from quality surgical stainless steel. Surgical steel is magnetic and this can be a problem when handling nickel grids. Inox is less acid resistant than Dumoxel or Dumostar.
  • “Dumostar” is a cobalt rich stainless steel alloy with outstanding characteristics and unmatched durability. They are non-magnetic.The steel is resistant to fatigue; the tips never lose their elasticity. Dumostar’s resistance is quite superior to the best of stainless steels. It  has very good resistance to corrosion in: seawater, HCL, H3PO4, HNO3, H2SO4 and neutral and alkaline environments.

Tweezers: types of finish, especially referring to the tips:

  • “Biology” have the finest points. They are available in Dumoxel and Dumostar. Straight pointed tweezers are finer than curved.
  • “High Precision” (H.P.) is most commonly used in EM work. They are available in Dumoxel, Inox and Dumostar. This is the standard grade and we supply these unless “Electronic” or ” Biology” are specified.
  • “Electronic” are not as fine as high precision; they are available in Inox only. For large tweezers, a more robust tip is no disadvantage and electronic grade is good value.

Tweezers: other features

  • Epoxy coating. Except for the tips, the electronic tweezers are covered with a durable blue epoxy coating, giving extra thermal and electric insulation. The epoxy can be used up to 120 degrees C. The intact coating is 220V safe and exceptionally resistant to solvents, acids and saline solutions, but not to strong caustics.
  • AC are anti-capillary tip tweezers; they are only available in “Biology” grade. Though easily damaged, these tweezers defy capillary action and they are favoured by some users for “staining” operations.
  • “Medical” type tweezers usually have ribbed finger-grips and a particularly fine surface finish. Some types are mirror-polished, but most types are supplied with a fine matt finish.The medical finish is available in just a few styles.


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