USB Hand Held microscopes

MicroVue 8MP

This new 8 Mega Pixel USB3.0 microscope offers excellent performance for price.

Fast frame rate means short lag time with up to 90 f/sec with reduced resolution.

Windows 7 and 8 and Macintosh V10.9 and later operating systems and USB3.0 is required (note will run USB2.0 in VGA & 720P [960x720] mode.)

Ideal for for a large range of imaging application, the USB microscope has standard camera mount to enable to be attached to stands.

For crack testing  and other macro measurements simply set the microscope over the crack and take a picture, then enter the scale from focus drum. Then measure in software aprox 1% accuracy, this can be improved by calibration with a standard. Images with measurements and text can be exported.

Circuit Board examination , Agriculture, Zoology,Hobby’s, etc.

ST-03 Fine focus stand available as an extra           










Windows based software allows for image Annotation, image analysis, such as line , angle area, perpendicular lengths, polygon lengths, arcs, etc

Download brochure :MicroVue brochure.pdf



The Microvue is ideal for measuring cracks in concrete and other fine measurements.  Simply note the focus number and enter this value into the software and measure.

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M503 USB 2MP Microscope

M503 with tripod
This handy USB 2.0 powered microscope with inbuilt LED illumination is available with 2 stand choices: M503Tripod and Blocks or M503LMetal Stand and Blocks.
  • Zoom Focus system 10x –230x approx. on 17” monitor
  • High quality lenses
  • LED illumination that is adjustable with on and off switch.
  • Live viewing with Snapshot capture, Time Lapse Capture
  • Video Movie avi capture
  • Snap Capture Button & Intensity control on lead.
  • Includes microscope with stand tripod and software
  • Full screen viewing selectable, ideal for data projection.
  • Easy e-mailing of pictures via the imaging software.
  • Image analysis software included. Length, Area, Diameter, Angle, etc
Resolution 2 Mega Pixels
Capture & Display resolutions 1600×1200, 1280 x1024, 640×480, 320×240
Sensor ¼” CMOS sensor
Light Source 8x white LED’s
Interface USB 2.0
White balance Automatic
Exposure Automatic
USB cable 1.5 meters
Magnification 10x-250x with 17” monitor
Software compatibility Windows XP, Vista, Win 7,

M503 with tripod
Mac 10.6.4 with Quick time & iMovies (no image analysis with Mac)


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MAC500 USB microscope

This auto focus hand held 5 Mega Pixel camera is an ideal USB type microscope for easy imaging. 


 •Magnification: 12X-200X digital approx 45x real

•Frame Rate: VGA: Up to 40fps,720P: Up to 30fps,5.0MP: Up to 15fps

•Interface: Hi-Speed USB 2.0

•Focus Mode: Automatic Focus

•Colour Balance:

•Automatic White Balance •Automatic Exposure

•Automatic Gain

•Light source: Built-in LEDs

•Dimension: Φ50.5mmx H45mm

•Net Weight: 75g

  Special Price $ 85.00 ex GST

MAC 500 brochure: MC500 USB Microscope.pdf


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I- 802 Iridiology Camera

I-802 1.3MP USB camera for Iridiology










This USB2.0 capture device allows for the capture of still, movies onto your computer.

Ø Illumination control of 2 LED’s is conveniently positioned on the cord with capture button.

Ø Large scroll focus knob allows quick and easy focussing.

Ø 1.3 MP cmos camera 1280 x1024 with 2 variable bright LED’s with windows
capture software Watch View. Capture: Stills, Movies and Time-lapse.

Ø Annotate and measure on image.

  • Ø Save, e-mail your images, copy into reports, import into other programs.
  • Ø Direct show Windows drivers can be used inside other supportive programmes.
  • Download brochure: Iridiology USB Camera


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