Company Profile

Scientific Instrument & Optical Sales was established in 1970’s and has represented companies in scientific instruments such as

  • Meopta microscopes.
  • Carl Zeiss Jena Microscopes, Ophthalmic, Operating Microscopes, Binoculars etc.
  • Hitachi Scientific, Spectrophotometers, Electron microscopes.
  • TopoMetrix Scanning Force Microscopes.
  • Silva Compasses; Field, Professional and Marine.
  • Imaging and Image Analysis Software. ImagePro and VoxBlast 3D software.
  • Prism Optical Microscope and camera systems.
  • Metrology equipment.

Mike Lee-Bernstein has many years of experience in the sales and service of these and other brands of equipment. He has extensive knowledge of optics, cameras and combining the systems. He is trained in image analysis and other imaging software.

Trained by Carl Zeiss Jena in all area of microscopy.

SILVA Equipment

Silva not only produce compasses but also have an excellent range of headlights, pedometers, binoculars, altimeters, solar panels etc. For more information on these please look on the website and contact us for pricing and stock situation.