B200T-ISH series

B200T Trinocular Microscope with Achromat Objectives.
Trinocular Head inclined at 30 deg Beam splitter 50/50
Eyepieces WF10x(18)
Achromat Objectives A4x, A10x, A40x, A100x(oil)
Nosepiece reversed 4 positions.
Co-Axial course and fine focusing knobs
Co-axial Mechanical Stage with specimen holder
Condenser Abbe 1.25 with iris diaphragm with rack & pinion adjustment.
Illumination variable LED with Lithium battery (approx 8hrs)
Blue filter, built in with mains power pack charger.
This microscope camera system can be used in the field with laptop as LED illumination is powered by inbuilt battery and camera is powered by USB from laptop.

Microscope Camera Coupler
B200T-ISH130 ISH130(1280×1024) TCN0.5x C mount
B200T-ISH300 ISH300(2048×1536) TCN0.5x C mount
B200T-ISH500 ISH500(2592×1944) TCN0.5x C mount

TsImage Software with Image Analysis


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