BH200M reduced

Incident light microscope trinocular with sturdy well engineered frame and stage.

Dual Illumination with incident and transmitted option available on order.

Widely used in various types of semi-conductor silicon wafer inspection, materials, science study, geology mineral analysis and precision engineering and other disciplines.

WF 10x(18) eyepieces

Plan achromatic optics and Epi Kohler illumination system and anti-reflective structure in the

epi-illumination system, makes for better image clarity and contrast .

Plan achromatic 5x,10x,20x,50x,100x

4x and 5 objective position rotating nose-piece available

Mechanical stage, with 180X145mm deck platform, moving range:76mmX50mm

Reflected Kohler illumination,Adaptation wide voltage 90V-240V,6V/30W halogen bulb,brightness adjustable, with iris  diaphragm and field diaphragm, the centre of field diaphragm  adjustable


CTV mounts 1,0x &0.5x 0.35x

Simple Polarization equipment

B200HM brochure:BH200M Incident Light Microscope.pdf


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