BK 5000T-POL-A

Polarizing Trinocular Microscope

  • The BK 5000T –Pol series are equipped with non-stressed infinity colour corrected objectives.
  • Trinocular (Photo tube) is 100/100 type. (Binocular type pictured)
  • The centerable ball bearing rotary stage has degree graduations and brake.
  • Focusing system is co-axial course and fine focus.
  • Illumination is variable 6V 30watt Halogen
  • Nosepiece is 5position with individual centering.
  • Rotatable Polarizer and Analyzer.
  • Condenser NA 1.25 Pol type centerable with diaphragm, and rotatable polarizer.
  • Field lens has diaphragm for Kohler illumination.
  • Bertrand lens on slider.
  • λ , λ/4 and quartz wedges supplied
  • Adapters for cameras are available.

BK5000T-POL Polarizing Microscope Outfits



Down Load brochure:BK-POL Polarizing Microscope brochure

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