M-ZT Zoom Tube with Stand

Eyepiece: WF10X
Zoom Ratio: 1:6.5 (0.7x – 4.5x)
Total Magnification: 7x – 45x
Working Distance: 90mm
Viewing field of Object: 25.7mm – 4.0mm
Focusing range:
(By Rack and Pinion)
: 55mm
Raising range:
(by post)
Stage: 90mm frosted glass or black/white plate and clips
Illumination: Brightness adjustable
Transmitted Light: 220v/ 6v 20w Halogen
Incident Light: 220v/6v 15w T-H lamp with reflector
Supplied with C Mount adapter for Video Camera and WF 10x eyepiece

PRICE: $540.00 + GST.


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