Alcohol / Wine Refractometers

Alcohol and Grape Refractometer: For working with alcohol or sugar related wines, for concentration of alcohol and for measuring the sugar in grapes, this enables the manufacturer to decide the best time to process the grape.

The model RHW-25Be is specially designed for the measuring of Baume degrees in the original grape juice and the alcohol degrees of the grape wine, which was made by the original grape juice.

Model Measurement Range Min.Div. Accuracy
RHW-25ATC 0-25% Vol 0.2%scale +/-0.2%scale
RHW-25BrixATC 0-25%Vol 0-40%Brix 0.2%scale +/-0.2%scale
RHW-25BeATC 0-25%VOL 0-20Be 0.2%Vol 0.2Be +/-0.2%scale
ZGRW-25BrixATC 0-25%Vol 0-40%Brix 0.2%scale +/-0.2%scale
RHW-80ATC 0-80%w/w 1%w/w +/-1%w/w


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