SMZ 6745 T-3LED

  • The New SMZ 6745 Zoom Stereoscopic microscope features a Zoom range of 1:6.7 (6.7X- 45X with WF 10x eyepieces)
  • The eyepiece angle of 45º ensures operator comfort.
  • Full ranges of accessories are available. Widely used in electronic industry, geology, inspection, biology and research.
  • High optical & mechanical quality, extra wide field of view
  • WF10X standard 22MM suitable for spectacle wearers.
  • Working distance 100MM
  • SMZ6745T-3LED Zoom Trinocular stereoscopic microscope with variable LED illumination (no heat) both transmitted and reflected.
  • The inbuilt 50/50 beam splitter enables user to use both eyepiece while the camera is also displaying live images on your computer screen. Zoom system 1:6.7x Working distance 100mm WF10x eyepieces.

Microscope Camera Coupler
SMZ6745T-3LED No camera No coupler
SMZ6745T-3LED-ISH300 ISH300(2048×1536) SMZ-CTV0.5x
SMZ6745T-3LED-ISH500 ISH500(2592×1944) SMZ-CTV0.5x
SMZ6745T-3LED-ISH1000 ISH1000 (3856×2764) SMZ-CTV0.5x

ISHcameras are high-grade CMOS USB 2.0 cameras supplied with ISCApture software
software for Windows based computers and ISListen for Macintosh.


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