Ophthalmic Iris Scissors

Stainless steel, various models available

KSC/219 Micro Scissor, 8cm sharp /sharp
K37-960 Castroviejo Scissor, 10cm Cvd
KSC/606 Castroviejo Micro Scissor , Curved, 10.5cm
KSC/V/110 VANNAS Scissors 8cm, Str, with Tungsten Carbide tip
K37-950 Wecker Iris Scissor, 11cm
K37-940 Noyes Scissors 12cm Straight
KSC-8910 Iris Scissor with Gold, 11cm, Curved           
KSC-602 Tanotomy Scissor, 11.5cm, Straight with Tungsten Carbide Tip
K13-530 Iris Scissor, 11cm Straight


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