Cameras WiFi

SIOS have a range of Wifi cameras either from Cell Pad E and Scope Pad or C mount Wifi 1080P cameras




W Cam on mic

The WiFi Cam is a C mount digital camera that can be attached to eyepieces via adapter or microscope C mounts. The camera will work as an AP (access point) and users can access the cameras by WiFi connection via WIFI -enabled devices, such as smart phones, pads, laptops or computers. Apps on on various platforms such as IOS, Android, Windows.

The camera has dedicated on board DSP for colour rendering.

Users by software can control exposure , white balance and basic camera functions.

  • C mount camera attaches to microscope or with appropriate eyepiece adapter to eyepieces of microscopes 23,30mm, telescopes and spotting scopes.
  • SENDS h.264 encodec high resolution images from microscope to WiFi enabled smart phones, tablets and computers with iOS, android, and Windows operating systems.

Models available WCAM 1080PA and WCAM 720PA

Download Technical information:

WCAM 1080 brochure

WCAM720P Brochure


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