Microscope Camera Mounts

SIOS has a full range of camera mount system to mount commercial digital cameras and Digital SLR cameras to your microscope. We represent Thales-Optem, Diagnostic Imaging, and other manufacturers.

To aid in us selecting the correct system for your microscope we need to know the Microscope manufacturer, model type and present configuration. Also camera type you wish to mount.

Prism Optical have an inexpensive range of C mounts 1x for most microscopes.

‘C’ Mount Couplers for microscopes

The above couplers are all 1x C mount (no lenses) for various manufactures of microscopes. Also available 0.5x for Nikon and Olympus.

These often vary within models. Scientific Instruments can also provide couplers with various magnification to suit various CCD sizes, to provide best size of field or required magnification.

TS-TCN-OLY Olympus BX models with parfocal adjustment
TS-TCN-NIK 38MM Nikon 38mm and Leica 38mm
TS-TCN-ZEISS Zeiss  Axio-2 and Stemi 30mm
TS-TCN-LEICA Leica HC tube 32mm dovetail
TS-TCN-NIK0.5x Nikon 0.5x non adjustable
TS-TCN-OLY 0.5x Olympus BX type 0.5x C mount

NEW EXFOCUS Microscope C mounts for cameras.



The new C mount system available with 0.5x or 0.66x internal focusing lens allows you to par focal your camera image with the

microscope eyepieces. The ExFocus system is available to suit the latest models of Nikon , Olympus, Leica, Zeiss microscopes.

Offering an inexpensive alternative to manufacturers relay lenses.

Please see brochure below for more details.


Download ExFocus brochure :EXFOCUS pamphlet.pdf


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Digital SLR Camera Couplers for Microscopes

M-DSLR-KIT is supplied with 2x adapter for 23mm eyepiece with T mount (42mm) and adapter for 30mm eyepiece (Stereoscopic microscopes) and C mount for 1x C mount.

It is also has either a Canon or Nikon T mount bayonet fitting.

Note the system is suitable for 24mm x 16mm (APS-C) sensor size or smaller. It is not suitable for full size 36 x 24 sensors as vignetting will occur.

C mount 1x has no lenses, the system cannot be used with C mounts that are 0.5x etc.





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Camera mounts for Commercial Digital Cameras

These mounts can be used for Nikon 995, 4500 type, and many other digital cameras that have Filter Holders available to mount from.

M-MA411101 Digital 10x relay lens with 28mm thread mount and eyepiece adapter 23mm, 30mm,    and C mount

M-MA415101 Step down ring 37mm-28mm

M-MA415102 Step down ring 43mm-28mm

M-MA415103 Step down ring 52mm-28mm


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