BK5000-ISH Series


BK 5000T-ISH

The BK 5000 T series is an Infinity Plan Achromat Trinocular Microscope with 80/20 beam splitter.

Note: Trinocular  100/100 beam splitter available on request.

  • Illumination variable 3W LED (=25W Halogen approx)
  • Co-axial mechanical dual layer stage.
  • Co-axial course and fine focusing.
  • Abbe Condenser with diaphragm, centreable.
  • Eyepieces WF10x (FN20)


  • Plan Achromat Infinity type providing flat field for in focus observation.
  • Plan Achromat 4x,Plan Achromat 10x,Plan Achromat 20x,Plan Achromat 40x, SL
  • Plan Achromat 100x (oil) SL
  • 5-position objective turret holder


  • C mount 0.5x with parfocal adjustment (to suit Tucsen cameras)
  • C mount 1x
  • Dark Field and Polarization inserts
  • Phase contrast Kits
Microscope Camera Coupler
BK5000T Nil Nil
BK5000T-ISH300 ISH300 (2048×1536) BK-CTV0.5x
BK5000T-ISH500 ISH500 (2592×1944) BK-CTV0.5x
BK5000T-ISH1000 ISH1000 (3856×2764) BK-CTV0.5x

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BK1000 & ISH Camera Systems

  • BK1000TR Trinocular Microscope with Semi-Plan Achromat Infinity Objectives.
  • Binocular or Trinocular Head inclined at 30 deg Beam splitter 50/50
  • Eyepieces WF10x(20mm)
  • Semi-Plan Achromat Objectives Infinity type
  • PL4x, PL10x, PL40x, PL100x(oil)
  • Nosepiece reversed 4 positions.
  • Co-Axial course and fine focusing knobs
  • Co-Axial Mechanical Stage with specimen holder
  • Condenser Abbe 1.25 with iris diaphragm adjustable.
  • Illumination variable 3W LED (=25 W halogen approx)
  • Blue filter, rear carry handle.

This is an ideal strongly built microscope ideal for Veterinary and Teaching application

Microscope Camera Coupler
BK1000B Binocular Nil Nil
BK1000T Trinocular Nil Nil
BK1000T-ISH300 ISH300(2048×1536) BK1000-CTV 0.45x
BK1000T-ISH500 ISH500(2592×1944) BK1000-CTV 0.45x

ISCapture Software for Windows And ISListen for Macintosh.


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