Freiberger Geological

Freiberger Geological Compasses

Freiberger has 3 models of Geological compasses available

1. Geological Compass
2. Geological Compass with Mirror
3. Geological Compass with Mirror sighting attachment and Tripod mount
Compasses supplied with leather case
Please contact us for quotation.

Geological Compass

Geological Compass

Compass with mirror

Compass with mirror

Geo with sighting

with sighting & tripod mount



Compass Specifications

Compass circle
Diameter 45 mm
scale value
estimation 0,5°
Azimuth circle
diameter 22 mm
scale value
measuring range +90°
scale value
estimation 0,5°
Contact edge
graduated length 70 mm
scale value 1 mm
Function data
initial oscillation time <50 sec
of the magnetic needle
accuracy of direction +0,5°
declination optional
tilting range of the 225°
dip measuring plate
circular level
  1. 40´
tabular level
  1. 60´
weight 0,280 kg
instrument 93 x 76 x 22 mm























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