Gemological Refractometers

Clinical Refractometers

These clinical refractometers are used for both vetinary and human clinics. They feature a triple scale indicating Urine Specific Gravity (sg), Total Serum Protein (SP g/100ml), and Refractive Index (nD).

RHC-200N Scale
RHC–200N Scale
SKU Model Scale 1 Scale 2 ATC Backlit Purpose
Units Range Divisions Accuracy Units Range Divisions Accuracy
R-RHC–200ATC RHC–200ATC g/dl 0 –12 g/dl 0.2 g/dl ± 0.2 g/dl Specific Gravity 1.000 – 1.050 sg 0.005 sg ± 0.005 sg Yes No Clinical, Urine Specific Gravity, Total Serum Protein
R-ZGRC–200ATC ZGRC–200ATC Refractive Index ND 1.330 – 1.360 RI 0.0005 RI ± 0.0005 RI Yes No Clinical, Refractive Index


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