GE-5 Digital Microscope

The GE-5 offers excellent optical resolution and due to stocks we are selling at a special price.

The units are for Windows Vista , XP and win 7 32bit however will run on Win 7 /64 bit via virtual PC (supplied with Win 7 or download from Microsoft)

once loaded it runs seamlessly within Windows.

Special Price $95.00 ex GST. ono












For more details check our heading Microscopes with cameras


Product type


Name of product

Digital Microscope

Image sensor

Professional 1/2″ industry grade 1.30M pixel CMOS image sensor

Pixel size

5.2 µm × 5.2 µm

Spectrum response

400 nm-1000nm


1 Lux

Scanning Type

Progressive Scanning (line by line)


Electronic Rolling Shutter (ERS)



Transmission Rate

16f/s @1280×1024 30f/s@640×480

White balance

Automatic / Manual Operations Supported

Exposal Control

Automatic / Manual Operations Supported

Image output

USB 2.0,480Mb/s

Power supply

USB 2.0 Power Supply, 800 mA

Dynamic range


Programmable Control

Sizes, quality, luminance, gain, exposal time, contrast, saturation, resolution and Gamma of image

Illumination control

Precise Laser locating, and the upper and lower LED illumination grade control

Work Temperature



60 X and 180X


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