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We have in stock microscopes and other equipment, we no longer require please find information and prices below.







         BK-FL2 LED

This LED Fluorescence microscope others Blue and Green

(FITC, TRITC) excitation.

Illumination is instantaneous and offers

inexpensive Fluorescence microscope .

This is a new microscope used for demonstration only

Brochure:BK-FL2LED brochure .pdf


Special Price    SOLD

Please contact us if you have any questions




PZ2 Parallel Zoom Stereoscopic Microscope

For sale as complete unit consisting of:

  • Zoom body parallel Zoom 0.8x-5.0 x
  • WF10x eyepieces in 45 degree head (8x-50x)
  • Plan achromatic 1 x Objective (flat field)
  • Trinocular image port with 0.5x C mount
    (ready for C mount camera, please ask)
  • Flat base stand with coarse and fine focusing


Special price  of PZ2 Zoom Stereoscopic microscope

as above $950.00 ex GST

We have a large range of USB cameras to suite.

TP range 5 or 10MP with EDF and auto align

EDF(Extended Depth of Field)

PZ2 with Photo tube

PZ2 Zoom with photo tube

Course and fine focus

Course and fine focus


MET1000T Metallurgical Microscope

Viewing head: Trinocular head with 23mm straight tube
WF10X/18 Eyepiece
Infinity plan achromatic objectives:
4X/ 0.1/ WD25.4mm;
10X/0.25/          WD11.0mm
20X/0.40/          WD6.0mm
40X/0.60/          WD3.7mm;
Quadruple nosepiece
Cross table mechanical stage: 150x140mm; Movement: 75x50mm
Illumination: Kohler illumination, Epi-illuminator with iris aperture diaphragm
and iris field diaphragm. 240V or 120Vinput 6V 20W halogen bulb
with adjustable brightness
Filters: Blue, green, yellow and ground glass

Ex Demo model in excellent condition.

Special price $650.00 ex GST





BDS300 inverted microscope Trinocular

with phase contrast objectives see microscopes inverted

for more details

Special Price $1,900.00 ex GST















 B200 series

The B200 series have coaxial mechanical stages, coaxial coarse and

fine focusing rechargeable LED lighting

We have 1x B200 Monoculars ex demonstration at reduced prices

B200-M Monocular with Wf10x eyepiece and objectives 4x,10x,40x,100x

LED illumination

Special Price $270.00 ex GST































Small microscope with horseshoe base

illumination by mirror

Eyepiece W10x

Objectives 4x ,10x, 40x

ideal for children (not a toy) metal with glass optics

Price $50.00ex gst




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